LG is preparing a new offer of Mini LED TVs

LG launches in 2021 a new range of Mini LED TVs, equipped with the same type of screen ordered by Apple for future MacBook and iPad models.

The new TV series is called LG QNED and will be available with display diagonals of up to 86 inches and 86 resolution. The South Korean manufacturer will make the official announcement on January 11, at the CES 2021 exhibition.

In the top range, these are “the first TVs to combine Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies into one product.”

LG QNED TVs produce incredibly accurate colors, while the advanced LED backlight provides better contrast and more compelling black for exceptional vibration and realism images. And with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, these TVs play the movement smoothly and more naturally, “LG said in a blog post.

What is Mini LED technology

Although the name used would suggest otherwise, Mini LED technology is closely related to LCD, but tries to mimic the properties of an OLED panel.

Basically, the image is also displayed by an LCD screen, the major difference being given by the lighting technology used. Thus, instead of isolated LED rods and diffuser membrane for uniform light distribution we have a much larger number of Mini LEDs (each diode measures 0.2 mm or less) placed at equal distances. The Mini LED system allows light to propagate directly behind the LCD screen, thus improving viewing angles and color fidelity. At the same time, the Local Dimming function can be implemented much more precisely, improving the contrast by darkening or selectively illuminating the image. In addition, the maximum screen brightness can be much higher, since the light source is no longer concentrated in a few areas.


Basically, Mini LED screens try to offer similar performance to OLED, but at a much lower cost. Although several components are involved and the finished product is objectively more complex, in practice it is easier to make a large LCD panel and add Mini LED technology, than to produce an OLED screen with a similar surface.

That being said, OLEDs still offer a better viewing experience, because the backlight is controlled at a pixel level and without the complications of polarized filters.

What the new LG QNED TVs with Mini LED offer
LG says that QNED TVs with Mini LED technology pack up to 30,000 tiny LEDs (hence the name) to provide a 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio and higher brightness compared to a regular LCD panel. With up to 2,500 local dimming areas, LG claims that QNED TVs can offer a superior HDR experience. At the same time, LG promises more affordable options in its family of QNED TVs, being prepared 4K models with reasonable display diagonals.

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