Microsoft announces when it brings Xbox Game Streaming to PC and iPhone

Microsoft has provided new details about its game streaming service called Xbox Game Streaming. It is already available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on the Android platform, but it will also be launched on iOS and PC in the very near future. The company seems to have found a solution to the limitations imposed by Apple on its mobile platform, most likely in a similar way to Nvidia’s GeForce Now, which works as a web application.

Microsoft has announced the launch window for Xbox Game Streaming on PC and iOS

IPhone users and even those who want to play Game Pass titles on PC via streaming will be able to do so starting in the spring of 2021. The company says the service will be available in beta on iOS and PC and will allow users to play titles from the Game Pass subscription portfolio by streaming online video.

For PC, you can already play subscription titles by downloading them through the Microsoft Store, but you need a computer capable of playing video games for that. In the case of Xbox Game Streaming, a better internet connection is enough to get to work, and you can do this either from a desktop or from a laptop or tablet. In the case of iOS, not many details were provided, but it is quite clear that the solution will be universal, as both on PC and iPhone, the service will be accessed from the browser.

For those who don’t know, Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription for Xbox or PC that costs 10 euros and offers access to a collection of over 100 games. Many of them are from Microsoft’s portfolio, so they will not disappear from rotation, and others are licensed from major publishers and independent studios. They are often available by rotation, being available only for a period of time, like services such as Netflix or HBO Go.

However, the Ultimate version offers access not only to games for a single platform, but to games for both (Xbox and PC), but also includes Xbox Live Gold functionality, for multiplayer on the console, as well as access to the Xbox Game Streaming service on mobile and in future in the browser. This subscription costs 15 euros per month.

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