Microsoft confirms the date when Internet Explorer will finally disappear

Although it released two versions of Edge as a successor and replacement, the first being withdrawn in the meantime, Microsoft has not really taken an “attitude” against Internet Explorer so far.

Like the Adobe Flash plugin, Internet Explorer is one of the dinosaurs of the Internet that simply refuses to die, the web browser launched over 25 years ago appearing pre-installed even with the latest Windows 10 build.

According to Microsoft, the only reason Internet Explorer has been maintained for so long is the need for business customers to maintain compatibility with existing IT infrastructure, consisting of applications and interface elements designed around it. The equivalent of Windows XP in the Windows 10 era, Internet Explorer usually doesn’t get you to use it because your PC couldn’t run a newer web browser, but because other elements of your organization’s IT infrastructure specifically require it. .

Unfortunately, the respite left by Microsoft for companies that have postponed the modernization of used software is about to expire, Internet Explorer will disappear, or in any case, will no longer work with the commercial version of Windows 10, starting June 15 2022.

As with Windows XP, companies that are dying to keep the software infrastructure they developed many years ago could opt for the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), a service that provides extended support for otherwise officially unsupported Microsoft products. of course, for a fee.

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