Non-Scale Based Health and Fitness Goals You Should Strive to Achieve

Many people rely on the scale these days to determine their fitness and health. Although measuring one’s weight has proven to be quite crucial in helping some people achieve their health and fitness goals, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Here are some non-scale related goals that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Get More Sleep 

A good number of people focus on how their body looks and ways to change their physical appearance. Having these concerns makes you worry and develops into stress. Having stress may lead to not having enough sleep as required, and depriving yourself of sleep may be doing more harm than good for your body. You should try to give your body ample time to rest so that you can live healthily. Changing your daily routines will help you sleep better.

Exercise Frequently 

Even though you might be busy with work most of the time, you should try and spend some of your time doing exercises. You should consider setting a goal that will motivate you to work out harder and more regularly, for instance,you can train for a half-marathon. Doing exercises will help you forget the frustration that tends to build up when you are always working.

Start Running

Many people make scale-based goals without having proper plans on how they are going to lose the given amount of weight they have set in their goals. Not reaching your goal when you read the scale will be devastating, and this will negatively affect how you view your body and life. You should commit yourself and start running regularly without relying on the scale. This will be beneficial to your mental and physical health. Running is a highly recommended workout that yields excellent results, and you will start feeling your body changing with time. 

Have a Healthy Competition

Instead of worrying about your weight and feeling frustrated, you should consider joining a group exercise or gym. Doing workouts with others will be beneficial for you. Other people will be the source of your motivation to achieve your health and fitness goals. Positive peer pressure from your friends will make you work harder. You may even carry more weights and even surpass what you thought was your limit. With the help of products from 120kgs, you will make your dream body a reality. 

Focus On Your Nutrition 

Setting weight loss goals without eating the right foods is bound for failure even if you are doing the required amount of exercise. This does not mean that you deprive yourself of the necessary foods and nutrients. You should set reasonable goals and remember that your body needs fuel in the form of food when you are exercising. If you are not sure whether what you are consuming is the right type and amount of food, you should consult a professional.


To have both good mental and physical health, you should refrain from focusing on the scale. Being positive in your thinking while doing the required amount of exercise and eating well will help you in achieving your goals. Remember to accept and embrace your body.

Andrew is half-human, half-gamer. He's also a science fiction author writing for BleeBot.