Pixel phone owners can now measure their pulse and breathing using the camera

Exclusive for Pixel phone owners, the new functionality will be available for other Android users in the near future.

Announced a month ago, the functionality by which Pixel phone owners can measure their heart rate and breathing through the Google Fit application, using nothing but the camera, is now official. The even better news is that the functionality will be available on other compatible Android smartphones.

Far from being a contactless method, the operation of measuring the pulse with Pixel phones involves positioning your finger over the camera lens, remaining to clean up the inevitable traces of perspiration later. Another aspect to keep in mind is that Google warns that heart rate measurements made with the camera are not intended for medical use, as are measurements of breathing rate obtained using the front camera.

To measure your respiratory rate, you will need to place your Pixel phone on a stable surface and then stand still in front of the camera. The Google Fit app will monitor the movement of your chest cavity while you are motionless, then calculate the number of breaths per minute.

Google recommends that you remove your face mask, hat, or other headgear for more accurate measurements. At the same time, the function of monitoring the breath is not recommended during or immediately after intense physical activities. You should rest first and measure your breathing at rest.


Measurements made for heart rate or respiration can be saved in the application as a health log for a long-term evaluation. Google assures that the video stream used to obtain these measurements is processed on the device and in real time, without the possibility of being intercepted for online storage.

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