Powerpod is a portable and powerful wind turbine, the size of a beer keg

Powerpod is an unusually shaped wind turbine that generates up to three times more electricity than a conventional one of similar size.

Its efficiency is given by the advanced propeller system it has inside, which can increase the wind speed by 40%.


With the size of a beer keg, the Powerpod has a power of 1 kW. The device can be mounted on the roof of a building, on a fence or on a camper.

Powerpod can be used in conjunction with common systems that connect to solar panels. Because the propellers are hidden, the device is safer for children, pets or wildlife.

The turbine, which has not yet entered series production, is developed by the company Halcium, from the American state of Utah. However, the company attracted the necessary funds to start production.

For those who need a much smaller turbine, which they can carry in a backpack, there is already the Infinite Air model. The device can be used to charge electronic devices in remote areas.

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