Ready For is Motorola’s answer to DeX: it turns your phone into a desktop PC

Motorola is launching Ready For, a new software initiative for its high-end phones. This does not seem to be very different from what other companies in the industry, such as Samsung or Huawei, do, allowing the Android operating system to be displayed in a desktop format on a larger screen. The first model to receive access to Ready For is last year’s flagship, the Motorola Edge + model.

Ready For is Motorola’s Android desktop interface

The new Ready For capability is included in the update to Android 11 for the Motorola Edge + model and will allow those who update the phone to use it like a computer. The Ready For initiative has four points that Motorola says will be improved when you use your phone as a computer.

First, we have Mobile Desktop, an interface similar to that of a desktop operating system, with icons on the screen, a work bar, the ability to run applications in windows and work with peripherals such as mouse and keyboard in applications productivity. Email, document processing, and video or photo editing could be much faster this way.

Then Motorola talks about video chat capabilities, which could be improved using Ready For. By connecting the phone to a monitor, you can see your interlocutors better, while you can use the rear cameras to transmit high-quality video signal, or to capture more of the frame through the ultra-wide camera.


Finally, we have the multimedia capabilities. Gaming seems to be an important part of the Ready For initiative, with Motorola talking about using the phone as a game console, along with a Bluetooth gamepad, while movies and series can be displayed on a TV through a dedicated, similar interface. with that of a multimedia device dedicated to televisions.

The idea is not exactly new, and the implementation is not exactly different, but it will be interesting to follow these initiatives from smartphone manufacturers. Some users may be able to replace their office desktops with a device that they can always have on hand.

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