Samsung Galaxy S21 FE May Look Like This

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is approaching launch and its design will be very similar to that of the classic S21.

The renderings are not surprising at all, S21 FE looks identical to S21. Both the S20 FE which was launched last year and the S21 were made of a similar plastic, it remains to be seen whether the S21 FE will use the same combination of materials or try something new. The processor used is speculated to be Snapdragon 888 (although more sense for an FE would be 870, otherwise the differences would be too small compared to a normal S21) 6GB RAM and a 120HZ AMOLED screen of 6.41 inches. Most likely its resolution will be FullHD+.

The selfie camera will be 32MB, will be compatible with the 5G network, will have a 4500mAh battery, and the internal memory for the standard version will be of 128GB.

It is not known when it will be released, nor its exact price.

Mellisa is a wife and a mother of 2 teenagers. She is a tech writer for BleeBot in her sper time, she used to write for offline gadget newspapers in Zurich, Switzerland.