Stack by Google is a document scanning application that generates PDFs directly

Stack by Google is a free PDF Scanner application that assists in naming and organizing documents converted to electronic format using OCR processing and artificial intelligence.

Created in Google labs, the application is an interesting alternative to premium solutions, Stack by Google coming with a friendly and ad-free interface, which assists in scanning and converting documents to PDF format, using the mobile phone camera. At the same time, the application can import images already saved in the phone’s memory, which it automatically cuts and converts into documents.

But the functionality doesn’t stop there, Stack using OCR technology to index documents based on the text contained. Furthermore, you can search the PDF file collection using keywords, getting rid of the complications of manually checking stacks of receipts, invoices and documents.

Another important advantage is the automatic generation of file names and the organization of documents by automatically generated categories (eg bank invoices, receipts, company name, etc.), using the text extracted from them.

Using artificial intelligence, the application can also detect areas of interest on the document, such as payment terms and payment amounts.

On the security side, Stack by Google offers saving your document collection to your Google Drive account and restricting access using biometric authentication. For example, you can set your fingerprint or facial scan unlock in combination with a PIN or password.

With full name Stack: PDF Scanner + Document Organizer, the application is already listed in the Google Play store, and can be installed for free for all compatible devices.

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