Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows Review: Recovers Deleted Files in No Time

Did you accidentally delete files and thought they would be lost forever? With a data recovery software you can easily get them back, but you must be careful which app you choose. This is why Stellar Data Recovery Professional is the best choice you can make when it comes to recovering essential files.

Here is why you do not need any other data recovery app.

Data Recovery Is Not That Complicated

Stellar Data Recovery Professional makes data recovery a lot less complicated than we thought it was. If you want to learn more about their offers for personal uses or for businesses, check out Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows.

First, Stellar is one of the biggest names you will find in data recovery. It is also a very flexible app, offering many options when scanning for deleted files. Let us take a look at what it offers and how it behaved during tests.

Testing Stellar Data Recovery Professional on Windows

Its interface is user friendly, and their Help button in the top tab provides all the details you need on data recovery and all the features offered.

After installation, you will see the image below, where you can begin choosing what to recover – if you want all the data from a drive or a location, you can select ‘Everything,’ or if you want only multimedia files, select photos, audio and videos. You can even select everything and begin scanning.

After choosing what types of files you want to recover, you will be prompted to choose a location, be it desktop, documents, and a certain folder or even from a lost partition!

After that, press scan and wait for the program to do its job. In our tests, scanning was fast, even with the preview button that reveals those deleted or missing photos or other files in real time.

What was a bit confusing was that to see the deleted files you were looking for are placed in the third tab named Deleted List. Our honest opinion is that they should have been placed in the first tab, but we can all agree it’s something we can get accustomed with.

For instance, if you are a photographer and you are looking for lost photos on an SD card, this is the data recovery program you will need to use. The same goes for users that want to recover their lost data on external drives, or maybe for businesses that can deal with these issues every day.

Pros and Cons

Note that when using deep scans, the time Stellar Data Recovery Professional takes is longer (about an hour), but it will return more files.

What we liked is that the app allows you to stop mid-scan. It will log incomplete scans and you can resume whenever you want to.

You must bear in mind that not all data can be recovered, no matter what type of data recovery software you use, but so far, the results from Stellar Data Recovery Professional were impressive.

What could be counted as a drawback?

The price is not as low as its competitors, but at least you know it can recover all those precious lost files. If you do not know how much is worth investing in Stellar Data Recovery Professional, they have a free trial which lets you check all its features for free and compare it with other data recovery products. You will see that Stellar Data Recovery Professional is going to be a good decision in the end.


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