Telegram adds Auto-Delete, a feature that lets you get rid of individual conversations

Telegram continues its efforts to improve security for users by adding Auto-Delete settings to automatically delete conversations that you won’t keep in your message history.

Being in the top 10, the best messaging applications, Telegram is perceived as a solution for WhatsApp dissatisfied people who want to avoid monitoring the activity for advertising purposes by the Facebook giant. But in reality, Telegram has its own security shortcomings, as demonstrated by an independent study.

Aside from the issues along the way, Telegram administrators continue to improve the user experience by adding support for animated emojis, widgets, and other innovations, such as the new setting for automatically deleting conversations without the “Secret Chats” option. after a certain period of time.

The new setting works by simply selecting a chat, with users checking the “Clear History” option in the context menu, after which it sets the time remaining until the conversation is deleted from the message history. The interval that can be set between 24 hours and 7 days refers only to the messages sent or received after accessing the Auto-Delete function, which means that the long-saved conversation history remains untouched. This avoids awkward situations in which deleting the entire conversation with a certain person would arouse suspicion, for example, for another family member.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to generate links with limited validity, which you can send to other people to invite to Group Chat sessions. They can be set to expire after a certain amount of time, give after the default number of guests has been reached. The links can be sent as such, or in the form of QR codes.

Called Chat Widget, another feature allows you to display newly received messages directly in the Home Screen, with the possibility of immediately expanding the chat window.

Last but not least, Telegram users can now also insert animated emojis in sent messages, choosing from a comprehensive list of expressive symbols.

Another interesting addition is Broadcast Groups, a solution to bypass the limit of 200,000 subscribers to Telegram channels. Broadcast Groups sessions support an unlimited number of members, of which only administrators can participate in chat sessions. However, members can join voice chat sessions.

To benefit from the extended functionality, Telegram users only need to install the latest version of the mobile application.

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