The board game Corona, invented by four sisters in a pandemic, is sold out

A board game called Corona, invented during the pandemic by four sisters in Germany, sells very well during the winter holidays.

“Corona – the rush to the shops” can be played by up to four people, who compete to shop for an elderly neighbor who does not leave the house for fear of coronavirus. The person who delivers all the products on the shopping list wins first. The player who encounters the virus on the route is slowed down because he has to go into quarantine. Other participants may find that they cannot find certain products because they were all bought by those who make their stocks.

The board game was developed by the Schwaderlapp sisters in the city of Wiesbaden during the pandemic, when the girls were trapped in the house.

“The basic principle is one of solidarity. But each of the players can decide to cooperate with the others…. or make things harder for them by blocking their way with viruses, ”said one of the sisters, 20-year-old Sarah.

The girls developed the game in the evening and enriched it with new elements based on the news about the pandemic.

Impressed by his daughters ‘efforts, the girls’ father, Benedikt Schwaderlapp, decided to sell the game. He hired an artist to draw the books, the plaque and the box.

So far, Schwaderlapp has sold 2,000 copies, all of its original production. The demand is high throughout Germany, according to the man.

Andrew is half-human, half-gamer. He's also a science fiction author writing for BleeBot.