The first real photo with the LG Rollable, the flexible screen phone that will never be released

LG officially announced yesterday that it is withdrawing from the smartphone market, but the decision came before certain already announced projects see the light of day. Probably the most interesting device that LG will not launch will be the Rollable model, which it presented for the first time in 2020 and the second time on the CES stage just a few months ago. Even if we will never see this model on store shelves, at least we have a real image with the device, which shows us what we could have received from the South Korean manufacturer.

LG Rollable seems to have been in an advanced stage of development

LG Rollable is one of the few devices to adopt this concept. Basically, the phone had to be one of relatively “ordinary” size in the standard mode of use that could extend to the side using a mechanical system that allows the display to run. A similar concept was recently presented by Oppo with the X 2021 model, a rolling device that many have already managed to see in reality.

LG Rollable does not deviate very much from the concept of the Oppo rolling phone, but it seems to be in a more advanced stage of development, at least in terms of hardware. While Oppo boasts already functional software, its phone does not integrate a front camera or a full system of cameras on the back and no speakerphone for calls.

The model from LG, which appears only in an image that seems to have its roots in the laboratories of a Safety Korea approval commission, thus seems to be much more “complete”. It integrates a front camera as well as a call speaker on the plastic frame around the screen. The edges of the screen are curved, and on the right side you can see two small “interruptions” of the frame. That’s probably where the screen starts scrolling out. LG was to use for Rollable a flexible screen from BOE, not a proprietary one, developed in LG Display labs, according to rumors.

This is currently the first and only real photo of the device, in addition to the press photos released by LG at CES 2021. This could also be the last for a long time, until someone manages to get their hands on the device and photograph it. from all angles. Unfortunately, the software for this model may never have been finalized, so we probably won’t see a working LG Rollable model soon.

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