The OPPO X 2021 mobile phone appears in a new video presentation

Taking advantage of the uncertainties surrounding the main rival, LG Rollable, OPPO X 2021 reappears in the spotlight showing an exotic design and apparently ready to enter series production.

OPPO and not Samsung, or LG, looks set to deliver the first true flagship with a running screen. Appearing on the MWC Shanghai stage, OPPO did not miss the opportunity to praise its new creation, putting in the spotlight the smartphone-concept surprisingly well chiseled.

Although it seems ready to enter series production with the OPPO X 2021 model, the Chinese manufacturer is reluctant to make the big decision, seeming to wait for the right moment. Unlike the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, consumer interest in a brand new smartphone concept does not seem to be so high at the moment. And if you take into account the economic complications posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, high-risk initiatives, such as the launch of an untested product in which years of research and development have been invested, must be carefully weighed.

Although, at first glance, we might consider the opposite, OPPO suggests that the development of a rolling-screen extendable phone is more complicated than making a foldable phone. The reason is the invisible mechanical systems. Instead of a single hinge they have a whole system for running the screen, with multiple moving elements. At the same time, other aspects must be taken into account, such as the ideal and safe curvature for the screen, the motors needed to extend and retract the screen, as well as the supporting structure for the mobile area of ​​the screen.

Undoubtedly, the OPPO X1 2021 will be a remarkable product, not only for its exterior appearance, but also for the technical innovations brought to obtain a functional and reliable device.

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