TikTok has started banishing authors of OnlyFans content and video chat

Part of the recipe for attracting users and rapid rise to the top of major social platforms, TikTok has long tolerated forcing the rules on nudity and sex, becoming a magnet for “stars” on OnlyFans and video chat, who have found fertile ground for promoting services offered.

But as efforts to circumvent the U.S. ban have come in a straight line, the good times for OnlyFans content enthusiasts offered in free samples on TikTok have come to an end, with platform administrators beginning to pile up accounts suspected of violating the rules on nudity and sex.

However, according to the allegations made by the authors directly affected by these measures, TikTok administrators allegedly abusively deleted all accounts that had added OnlyFans links to the biography section (direct links or through a third-party application), regardless of whether the videos posted violated or not the posting rules.

TikTok fires creators from OnlyFans, but retains “stars”

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social networking platform, where creators charge for personal interactions. And while not every creator posts sexually explicit content, the platform has become known as a hub for 18+ content. OnlyFans’ popularity exploded in 2020, largely due to TikTok, as creators began migrating to the platform to promote their accounts and make their earnings more flexible.


TikTok community rules prohibit users from posting or sharing sexually explicit or naked content, and its rules prohibiting sexual exploitation have recently been extended to include “content that describes, promotes or glorifies sexual request, including offering or requesting sexual partners, chats sexual images or images, sexual services, premium sexual content or sexcamming. ”

A TikTok representative confirmed to the press that “we do not allow content that commits, promotes or glorifies sexual request, or accounts that attempt to redirect traffic.” He declined to comment on why the platform does not block creators who connect to social platforms other than OnlyFans, such as Twitter or YouTube.

Also, TikTok did not offer an explanation for how it seems to exclude from the rule creators with a large number of fans, such as Bella Thorne, an actress and model with 5 million followers on TikTok, known for her work on OnlyFans .

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