Top Haunting Festivities with Game Hollywood: An Unforgettable Halloween Bonanza

Indulge in the eerie celebration as Game Hollywood unveils an enchanting Halloween gala for its gaming community. This year, the tricks take a backseat while treats galore unfold across the gaming platform. With a sinister yet fun makeover, Game Hollywood introduces a multitude of in-game rewards, alongside the launch of two exhilarating games, Zombie-geddon and Be the Richest.

Game Hollywood’s Halloween Spectacle

Game Hollywood is all set to enthrall its gamers with a seasonal spectacle. The Halloween dedicated page now boasts a refreshing yet eerie look, abundant free codes, and attractive daily log-in rewards. And that just scratches the surface. A creative contest invites all Game Hollywood enthusiasts to design a spooky costume for the beloved mascot, Chippy, with enticing rewards in store for the participants. Moreover, there’s a bouquet of crossover events among popular games, with $20 reward vouchers up for grabs, alongside other spine-chilling activities to keep the spirit of Halloween alive and kicking.

New Entrants in the Gaming Arena


Welcoming you to a whimsical apocalypse, Zombie-geddon is the new kid on the block in the zombie game genre. As you navigate through the cartoon cataclysm, a treasure of epic equipment awaits to aid you in battling the flesh-hungry hordes. With a blend of deep adventure, customization options, and the relentless zombie menace, this game is poised to offer an engaging gaming experience.

Be the Richest

For those with a knack for entrepreneurship, Be the Richest is your playground. Although not aligned with the Halloween theme like Zombie-geddon, this game is bound to capture the hearts of players. Embark on a casual yet strategic idle H5 gaming journey, making wise investment decisions on your way to becoming a business magnate. It’s an enthralling title, testing the bounds of your business savvy.

Halloween In-game Extravaganzas

A host of Game Hollywood’s titles are ushering in Halloween with their unique events brimming with ghouls, ghosts, and everything eerie. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the highlights:

  • Dark Odyssey – The Halloween Collection (October 29-November 4): Defeat bosses to acquire Magic Chests filled with Witch Hats, Witch Brooms, and Pumpkin Treasure Chests, exchangeable for other enticing rewards.

  • Dragon Awaken – Awaken the Halloween Spirit (October 27-November 1): Immerse in the Halloween Carnival, collecting Pumpkin Lanterns and exclusive Halloween items like Magic Sceptre, Magic Robe, Magic Badge, and Trial of Divine Tier.
  • League of Angels: Pact – Login for Treats (October 29-November 1): Daily logins reward players with Halloween-themed treats. Limited-time drops for players challenging the World Boss, Dark Realm Boss, and Bounty Boss, with exclusive items like Wings of Stealth up for grabs.
  • Dark Odyssey x Dragon Awaken Crossover (October 27-November 14): A majestic crossover event where players can earn up to 6,000 points, convertible into a $20 voucher for the gift shop.

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