What else is he up to? Bill Gates explains why he is the largest owner of agricultural land in America

Bill Gates has become the largest landowner in the United States in recent years, and these investments have raised questions for many people.

The billionaire, co-founder of the giant Microsoft, explained, in an IAmA (I Am A) session held on Reddit, what he does with the land. Gates answered questions at the launch of his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.”

One user asked him why he was buying so much farmland. Gates replied that it is mainly needed for the study of new types of seeds and the development of new types of biofuel.

“My investment group decided to do that (i.e. – buy land) and it has nothing to do with the weather,” Gates explained. The billionaire is also funding experiments related to climate change in areas affected by global warming.

Entities controlled by the Gates family own nearly 157,000 acres of farmland in America, according to The Land Report.

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