What has changed from iPhone XS Max to iPhone 12 Max?

Nowadays, smartphones are advancing at a slower pace than before, which makes updating every year not really worth it. And, although statistics show that people now tend to use their phones for about 3 years before getting a new one, operators’ offers usually come with a 24-month contract. This means that if you bought an iPhone XS or an iPhone XS Max two years ago, you might want a new iPhone right now.

And, of course, with the announcement of the iPhone 12 family, these are the main candidates. While the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are the logical successors to the iPhone XR, if you have an XS device you might consider an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max. Which immediately comes with the questions: “How advanced are iPhones in two years?” and “Is it worth upgrading to iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro / Max?”

iPhone 12 Pro / Max vs iPhone XS / Max: design changes

The iPhones of these two generations look similar, but they are also quite different. A major difference is obviously the new flat frame of the iPhone 12 models, which makes them a little thinner and, of course, differentiates them from the older generations. Other than that, the camera module is probably the biggest difference. Now two years old, the small camera on the iPhone XS Max becomes a signal that you are using an old iPhone. Three cameras is now the signal for a newer iPhone. At the front, the displays look almost identical, with the notch still taking up most of the top, and the curved corners and aspect ratios remain the same.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone XS Max: display

The two generations come in different sizes, as expected, associated with an adequate number of new pixels. It is worth noting that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has the largest screen on an iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro / Max vs iPhone XS / Max: colors

When we talk about the appearance of the iPhone, we can not forget to mention the colors. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max come in four colors: Pacific blue, silver, graphite, gold. Silver and gold are identical to those on the iPhone XS, with the difference that the matte finish of the iPhone 12 Pro makes the light reflect differently. And, of course, they feel different to the touch. Pacific Blue is a new color you can’t get on any other iPhone, and Graphite is a replacement for Space Gray and a little lighter.

iPhone 12 Pro / Max and iPhone XS / Max: specifications

This year, Apple introduced its first chip built using the 5nm process, just as the A12 was the first iPhone to use a 7nm chip. The new architecture makes the A14 not only more powerful, but also more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

But perhaps more important than improved performance is the addition of 5G to all iPhone 12 models. Yes, the uses for it, as well as the coverage, are far from the level needed for 5G to actually count in everyday use, but in a year or two, the situation could be completely different.

Apple also offers 128 GB as basic storage, even if it’s only for Pro models, which means you can save some money if you don’t upgrade to the 256 GB version.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs. iPhone XS Max: Battery Life

As for the larger models, the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery turned out to be about 500 mAh larger than the iPhone XS Max’s 3,179 mAh battery. Apple says the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers 5 hours more video playback time than the iPhone XS Max.

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