What the new Galaxy S21 5G looks like on the inside

Contrary to the general trend observed in the high-end range, Galaxy S21 5G is not a difficult smartphone to repair, Samsung opting for a surprisingly affordable modular construction.

While Apple, as well as some Android phone manufacturers, resort to all sorts of “traps” to complicate the repair of devices outside of authorized service centers, Samsung seems to have given up these practices. Obviously, the use of non-standard screws or very strong adhesives is not only intended to protect the structural integrity of the phone, but also to secure the intellectual property and legal responsibilities of the company. This, of course, makes repairing these phones more expensive and difficult, but it seems that the Galaxy S21 5G has a few points in its favor.

Starting with the back, the Galaxy S21 5G replaces the glass cover with a polycarbonate one, much easier to extract using ordinary tools. The main components are fixed with normal screws and easily accessible after removing the connectors. Except for the battery, the modular design does not provide too many adhesive fasteners.

Things are not perfect, of course, and there are parts that cannot be easily replaced. For example, the battery must be carefully removed from the adjacent components, as there is no space to force the adhesive from the side. Another problem area is the front camera, fixing with adhesive complicating its extraction.

Overall, the Galaxy S21 5G is not a difficult phone to repair, operations such as replacing the battery or the screen have a good chance of success even in the hands of a less experienced technician.

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