WhatsApp now also supports video / audio calls from the PC application

WhatsApp was one of the applications that came late on the PC, the proposed solution having many disadvantages, such as the need to authenticate through the mobile application and limiting only to text messaging. Fortunately, things have changed in the meantime, with the PC version of WhatsApp now offering the same end-to-end encryption system and functionality as the mobile edition.

The Web version and the WhatsApp PC application did not allow access to all functions on the mobile. For example, you could not initiate or answer voice and video calls from your PC, having to take your mobile phone out of your pocket.

Part of Facebook’s effort to rehabilitate the WhatsApp image, extending the option for audio / video calls to all WhatsApp users, regardless of the type of platform used, is being implemented today.

Now that many WhatsApp users work from home, it happens more often to be in front of a computer than on the phone. Also, the use of voice and video calling services has increased significantly in the last year, with many other competitors trying to meet the needs of users. Looking at it from this perspective, the extension of WhatsApp functionality was done out of necessity, rather than to satisfy a small niche of users.

However, compared to the WhatsApp version for mobile, there are some limitations. For now, the desktop application only accepts one-on-one calls, not Group Call sessions. WhatsApp promises to remove this limitation, but does not specify when.

Another limitation is the use of end-to-end encryption system, still unsupported on Facebook Messenger. This means that video calling sessions on WhatsApp cannot include participants connected via Facebook Messenger, for the time being.

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