Xiaomi could launch foldable screen phone and retractable camera

Although it presented very promising prototype versions, Xiaomi has so far hesitated to deliver a foldable phone.

Described in a recent patent granted to the Chinese company, the new design is reminiscent of the Galaxy Fold series, but is differentiated by several key aspects. According to the descriptions provided, the future Xiaomi phone will have a foldable screen inside the case and a secondary screen on one of the outer sides, to be used to answer incoming calls, selfie pictures and routine activities, such as checking received notifications.

Xiaomi’s first foldable phone comes without under-screen camera technology

Compared to the Samsung alternative, Xiaomi’s patented design provides a single front camera for both screens, installed in a retractable module with room for two lenses. Located on the back of the phone, the main camera will be a three-lens model, also usable with either screen.

The foldable screen on this device will probably have a 4: 3 aspect ratio, which means that the videos will be viewed with black bands horizontally. Thus, the display area will be best highlighted on the productivity side and in web browsing.

The patent sent for analysis on September 25 to the Hague office of the World Intellectual Property Office was published on November 25, seeming to confirm Xiaomi’s intention to launch a foldable screen phone inside the case. At the same time, it refutes the prospect of an even bolder design, with the cameras hidden under the active surface of the screens.

According to rumors, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the second half of 2021, equipped with a new generation of screens that allows the elimination of the perforation or cutting of the camera in favor of an under-screen solution. Under these conditions, Xiaomi may bet on either a significantly lower selling price and / or an early launch, hoping to sell as many units as possible before Samsung and other rival manufacturers come up with more competitive solutions.

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