Xiaomi Mi 11 could be the first phone with Snapdragon 888. The launch could take place in 2020

We expected that the first smartphone models announced with the Snapdragon 888 chipset on the market will be the new Samsung Galaxy S21, scheduled for official presentation sometime in mid-January. However, it seems that Xiaomi is no longer patient and could present its new flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 11, just before the end of 2020. It could thus become the first phone on the market with the new Qualcomm processor, announced just a few weeks ago.

Xiaomi is accelerating the launch of the Mi 11 to reach the market ahead of Samsung

Rumors come from Gizmochina that Xiaomi could hold a launch event on December 29, just two days before the end of 2020. Most likely, the phone will be launched exclusively in China, and will be launched in a few weeks. it also reaches the international market. The reason for the rush from Xiaomi to launch the Mi 11 would be the need for companies to boast that it has the first Snapdragon 888 phone on the market.

Unfortunately, we do not know many other details about the new phone. Looking back, we can assume that it will again use a high-resolution photo sensor, probably a 108-megapixel one produced by Samsung, and that it will offer a large, curved screen at the edges, with a high refresh rate. Of course, Xiaomi would integrate on its flagship technologies such as wireless charging and NFC, as well as water and dust resistance, in order to better compete in the international market with the competition.


The first real images with the phone depict a back with a strange camera module, which integrates only two cameras with larger lenses and another smaller camera. That could also be a laser focusing module. However, these images have not yet been validated by someone you trust who has actually seen the phone.

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