Xiaomi patents the under-screen camera, which doubles as the main camera

A new Xiaomi patent describes an under-screen camera derived from the main one, placed on the back of the phone. The secret seems to be the use of a rotating system, which allows the camera to be reoriented without involving a mechanism visible from the outside.

As the industry pivots between the extreme of retractable / rotating cameras and the camera hidden under the active surface of the screen, Xiaomi engineers are considering a system that de facto eliminates the front camera. Instead, we will have a single main camera whose lenses rotate inside the case, without the need for a mobile case element on the outside.

The patent submitted for approval last year describes a triple camera system positioned on the same side of the front / rear housing. Based on the selected mode of use, the camera will “rotate” with a motor or magnets, obtaining images from the back or front. Apparently, the innovation is also compatible with the format of cameras placed under the active surface of the screen, working just as well with or without perforating the screen.

Coincidentally or not, the rival manufacturer has described a similar concept of under-screen camera for the ZTE Axon 20 model, the documentation suggesting the launch of a phone equipped with under-screen camera in 2021

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