YouTube will have Clipping Tool, an option for generating video summaries ready to share on social networks

The new Clipping Tool feature allows content creators to quickly generate short versions of YouTube videos already uploaded to the video sharing platform, ready to share on social platforms.

Intended to help increase the visibility of the YouTube channel, the videos with a duration of up to 60 seconds aim to summarize the content proposed for viewing, in a way that will arouse the interest of fans.

Ideally, the new Clipping Tool will give YouTube content authors an easier and more effective alternative to increase channel visibility than using misleading cover images and “click bait” titles. Even if these practices do not disappear, the solution offered by Google can work very well in the space of social networks, facilitating the delivery of the desired message in a way that does not test the patience of the target audience.

“We received a lot of suggestions from creators and viewers who wanted an easy way to summarize moments from streams and YouTube videos in shorter content segments, which they would then distribute on social media channels.” “We are excited to start testing the new Clipping Tool on YouTube starting today with a small group of creators, while gathering their feedback,” YouTube administrators said on the official blog.

The new feature can be identified by the “scissors” symbol added to the YouTube player. Clips generated with very little effort can be between 5 and 60 seconds long. They run in loop mode and can be shared on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, or added as an embed video to your websites.

For now, the Clipping Tool is only available in the YouTube desktop interface and in the Android app, and iOS compatibility will be added later.

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