OneNote vs. Whiteboard – Best Platform Compatibility and Support Comparison

In recent years Microsoft has started to work hard on a variety of apps which offer great features for the customer.

Many users have started to use programs which take notes for a variety of purposes, ranging from recording important data to making a brief list of purchases.

In this article, we will examine popular note-taking apps offered by the Redmond giant: WhiteBoard and OneNote. Read below to learn more about each with the help of a handy side-by-side comparison.

Platform compatibility

It is important t note that both solutions require a Microsoft account to be usable. OneNote is spread across a large number of platforms, among which we can count Windows, Android, iOS, and others. It can be easily obtained from most app stores. Whiteboard is limited to iOS and Windows, and it can be found on the Microsoft Store and the Apple App Store.

The looks

Whiteboard comes with an infinite canvas, and you can easily write anywhere. A toolbar will offer access to a large selection of tools, and a handy back button allows the user to switch between several whiteboards. OneNote has been designed from the ground up, and it is fitted with a large selection of handy tools. The writing area includes an infinite canvas, but a starting point makes it easier to navigate.

When it comes to input instruments, it is clear that the Whiteboard app was designed with touch and pen usage in mind. While it is compatible with the classic mouse and keyboard combo, it is easier to use the previously-mentioned options.

Support for media files

OneNote favors the addition of several media files, among which we can count online videos, photos, audio recordings, stickers, and much more. In the case of Whiteboard, the list of media attachments is considerably smaller, allowing users to add images, texts, sticky notes, and drawings.

The verdict

Each app has its strong points. It is advised to try both of them and pick the one which works best for you.

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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