OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro: Android 10 Open Beta Comes with an Important Update

There is excellent news about OnePlus7 and OnePlus 7 Pro and its users which are currently running Android 10 Open Beta. This comes from the OnePlus forums.

The latest Android 10 Open Beta 2 version is here, and it’s available for us. It comes with many fixes.

What are the changes that come with the Android 10 Open Beta 2 version update?

The Status Bar is showing the UI elements again. They have also improved stability, and they have adjusted the bug fixes.

The System UI used to crash, and it happened because of the parallel WhatsApp app. That is fixed now, too. They have also taken a look at the animation that appears when you scroll up the Notification bar. There is a new Wi-Fi icon in the quick settings.

They had also fixed the dark screen issue, which appeared when you tried to get access to the game. They have taken a look at the crash issue that came from the Fingerprint unlock feature.

The OnePlus gestures are now standard, as well.

Why is this update important?

This update does not come with many features, but the user experience is definitely better after it. Because it is still in beta, it won’t be perfect, but it comes with improvements from the update that got released two weeks ago.

If you are not among those who use it on beta, then you will have to sideload the new beta update.

If we are to take into account this update pattern, then OnePlus 7 users do not need to worry that they would have to wait a long time before they get the stable version of Android 10.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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