OnePlus 7T Leak Revealed The Upcoming Smartphone’s Design

People are thrilled with the new OnePlus since it’s an affordable and exciting phone. After the launch of the OnePlus 7 in the middle of the year, and it has been received pretty well due to its amazing specs, the Chinese manufacturer wants to bring even a better smartphone in the stores: OnePlus 7T is the new real deal, and a new leak about the phone shows us its design.

Even though there aren’t differences when it comes to design, the OnePlus company has some exciting new features for their new smartphone.

The previous three smartphones of the company, OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, all released during the present year, have pretty strong specs and, for many, there is a big enigma how OnePlus 7T could be better than that.

OnePlus 7T Leak Revealed The Upcoming Smartphone’s Design

One significant improvement for the OnePlus 7T is the rear camera: the vertical camera arrangement of the OnePlus 7 phones will be replaced by a circular camera module that will contain several lenses. Try to imagine what amazing photos you would take with such a beauty!

If OnePlus 7T is getting three lenses for its camera, why wouldn’t we hope that 7T Pro will have even more lenses? Perhaps four or maybe even five? We’ve seen before phones so smart that can take photos with more than one lense, and considering the passion of the Asian companies when it comes to astonishing smartphones, we can only have the most significant expectations possible.

OnePlus 7T is expected to be pretty affordable also, at least because of its predecessor OnePlus 7 cost only around 550$. We will get rid of any doubts when 7T is fully unveiled in the coming months, along with some other new devices released by the Chinese manufacturer. And it surely is worth the wait.

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