Opera Mini 53.1.2569.142848 Download Available with New Specs

Many smartphone users love to browse the internet on their devices. There is a variety an of content which can be consumed, among which we can count news articles, videos, social networks, online shopping and much more.

There is a large selection of browsers available on the Google Play Store, with some being better than others. While some users prefer the pre-loaded browser which came with the device, there are smarter choices which can work better than expected.

Enter Opera Mini, a fast and smart browsing app which was designed from the ground app to work well even if the connection to the internet is poor. Read below to learn more about this app and some of its awesome features.

Waste less, browse more

The built-in data saving feature saves up to 90% of the data which would have been spent on loading the page, allowing users to access their favorite sites without the need to worry about their data plan.

Share files easily

Send and receive a large variety of files without the need to use a dedicated file sharing app. A large variety of files can be sent, among which we can count photos, videos music and much more. Select the desired files, and a QR code will be generated. Another Opera Mini user can scan the file and begin the transfer in a few seconds.

Keep those ads, thank you

Keep those pesky ads away with a built-in ad-blocking solution,

Video downloader

Download videos with a single tap and watch them whenever you want.  The function is compatible with a large number of popular websites.

Smart download manager

The smart download manager will allow you to download files in the background while other tasks are being done. If the file is too big, the download process will be suspended until a Wi-Fi collection is available. Tap on the notification to reach the files directly, without the need to navigate through several folders.

Version 53.1.2569.142848 comes to support for Chromium 74 and new performance improvements.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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