Persona 5 Royale Potential Release Date

Persona 5 Royal, a game published by Sony, will be launched in North America during the first half of the upcoming year, in March 2020. The game portrays the adventures that a group of teenagers experiences while trying to balance normal high-schooler issues and being part of the Phantom Thieves gang.

The release date was revealed by Shigenori Soejima, one of the character designers, during an interview with the Game Informer magazine. The full interview can be viewed in the latest issue of the magazine, the November 2019 one.

As it has been officially announced by Sony, the Persona 5 game is being released in March 2020. However, we donțt know if we should get excited yet. This release might cause a bit of a clash with other launches. For example, the much-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake is launching in the same month, and so many fans of the game series are eager to play it as soon as it’s released. Hopefully, the final release date for Persona 5 will be moved.

Persona 5 Royal will deliver a good amount of new content, like new events and a brand new school semester, for a fresh start. Reportedly, the gameplay also went through some changes that will hopefully enhance the experience. Even more, a challenge mode will be introduced.

While we can’t know all of the specific details yet, the internet is buzzing with discussions on the topic, and everyone is expressing their opinion. According to what we know so far, we expect to see the following changes in Persona 5 Royal:

-Baton Touch ranks
-Leveling ranks increase the offensive and beneficial effects of the Baton Touch.
-“Show Time” is a feature that lets teammates combine their power
-New characteristics for all of the characters

Persona 5 Royal will launch on PS4 next year in North America and Europe.

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