PlayStation 5 Devkit and New Controller First Images

According to a recent unveiling, we get to see the DualShock 5 and draw some conclusions. Twitter user, The Drunk Cat, published a photo in which we can clearly see a big deal out of PlayStation 5. First thoughts, however, are about its design and the apparent fact that the design of the devkit looks like what was displayed in Sony patents that appear earlier this year.

PlayStation 5 Devkit appears in new images

The appearance should not be a concern whatsoever, because not all the consumer version of the PS5 will look. Tom Warren, The Verge senior editor, released a statement about the console’s V-shaped design.

He said: “The reason it’s large and v-shaped is to make them more easily stackable for devs who are running multiple stress tests. The cooling is optimized to push air out of the sides and center.”

Regarding its design, furthermore, there’s no reason to believe that the PlayStation 5 won’t receive a more rectangular-shape like its predecessors.

PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller

The DualShock 5 controller, however, is the most notable aspect of the resurfaced image. We get to see better what it looks like, and according to games industry analyst, Benji-Sales, the image has both the PS5’s DualShock 5 and the PS4’s, too. Benji-Sales had also pointed out the similarity between them, explaining how DS5 is only thicker and with a bigger trackpad, and no light bar.

The PlayStation 5 controller has different triggers, too, but as a conclusion, the controllers look almost the same. The Sony Company had been confirmed back in the day that the DualShock 5 would resemble more the DualShock 4 controller.

Other details, however, are still unknown, with Sony preferring to keep them a little bit of a mystery. As for the PlayStation 5 release date, we were teased about a holiday 2020 release. More details must be soon announced to understand better the next-generation of consoles.

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