PlayStation 5 Release Date Finally Revealed, Along With New Controller

Dozens of rumors and leaks surround the next-gen console from Sony, the PlayStation 5. In a recent leak, PS5 design showed up. But, we now have official information from Sony regarding the PlayStation 5 release date. The Japanese company also confirmed the launch of a new controller for PS5.

PlayStation 5 release date revealed by Sony

Usually, Sony announces the release date of its new consoles in April. But, in the past months, dozens of rumors in that regard have emerged over the Internet. In consequence, Sony decided to reveal the PlayStation release date.

According to Sony, PlayStation 5 would launch during the holiday season of 2020. As it seems, Sony doesn’t want to lose the start in the next-gen consoles’ battle in favor of Microsoft. Xbox Scarlett (Two) would also come out in December 2020.

The announcement is no surprise for many of us since many rumors suggested to a PlayStation 5 launch during the same period of 2020. But Sony thought to confirm them with an official statement.

PS5 to come out with a new controller, as well

Sony also announced that PlayStation 5 would launch along with a new controller designed to boost gaming experience with the next-gen console.

First, Sony will introduce haptic feedback technology to the new controller for PS5. Therefore, the controller will provide lots of feedback. The company stated that the new haptic feedback engine would allow players to feel different in-game textures in race games, for example.

The second major upgrade regards the addition of adaptive triggers. Thanks to this new feature, the devs can program a trigger’s resistance to match the in-game situation. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback offer a unique, improved gaming experience once PlayStation 5 launches.

In conclusion, Sony set the PlayStation 5 release date somewhen during the holiday season of 2020. The company also announced that PS5 would sport a new controller.

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