PlayStation 5 Virtual Assistant – What A New Leak Says

Sony recently provided the release date for its PlayStation 5 console, when almost nobody expected. The successor of PS4 will be available in the stores by Christmas 2020, so you might as well prepare your letter to Santa Claus and not be a naughty boy or girl until then. Sony even shattered all doubts and stated that the official name for the new PlayStation console will be PlayStation 5.

Jim Ryan is the one who made the big announcement, stating that PlayStation 5 will be released during holiday 2020, same as Xbox Scarlett (aka Xbox 2). It’s exciting to see the two big rivals in gaming from the US and Japan, Microsoft and Sony, respectively, going toe to toe in the markets once again. But the big news is yet to come…

Virtual Assistant for PS5?

New leaks point out to the hypothesis of the existence of a virtual assistant for the new console. In 2019, it’s something usual to talk to your device in order for it to execute your demands. Devices running latest versions of Android and Windows have such features, so why wouldn’t PS5 have one?

Imagine if you need help during a mission from a game, and you don’t want to bother pausing the game and use YouTube to figure out what to do next. The virtual assistant of PS5 would help you with tips to finnish the job in no time.

EA chief studio officer Laura Miele spoke about PS5’s hardware, and she mentioned the console will support machine learning:

“I could be really specific and talk about experimenting with ambient occlusion techniques, or the examination of ray-traced shadows,” says Laura Miele. “More generally, we’re seeing the GPU be able to power machine learning for all sorts of really interesting advancements in the gameplay and other tools.” Miele adds that it’s the speed of everything that will define the future consoles. “We’re stepping into the generation of immediacy. In mobile games, we expect a game to download in moments and to be just a few taps from jumping right in. Now we’re able to tackle that in a big way.”

Hopefully, we will get rid of all those annoying configuration features at the beginning of games, like bonuses or mandatory tutorials. Until then, we can be optimistic about PS5 getting a virtual assistant since it’s a pretty plausible scenario.

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