PlayStation Vue – The Complete Guide

PlayStation Vue was released in 2015 to offer a solid alternative to traditional cable services. The live TV streaming service offered by Sony is one of the first on the market, and it remains quite popular among a relatively large number of users. Read below to learn more about the service and all the features which are available.

PlayStation Vue – The Complete Guide

Compatible platform

While the name may infer that the service is limited to those who own a PlayStation console, this is not true. Users can enjoy Play Station Vue on a large number of platforms among which we can count tablets, laptops, smart TVs, Roku devices and others.


Despite the popularity of the service, only those who live in the United States have access to the service for now.


As expected, users can access a large number of channels, among which we can count popular names like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. With the addition of many local TV affiliates, the total number of available channels is 540, and most of them are available on-demand.

Users can pick between four subscription tiers, starting at $45 for the Access tier, and while the Ultra tier is priced at $80. Each superior tier offers access to additional channels and more add-on options.


Since this is a live service, you will have to wait until commercials end while watching a program. There is the option to skip them if you use the DVR feature to record your favorite show in advance.

Creating a subscription

Prospective users can create an account and pay for a subscription in a few minutes. Sony offers a list of all the requirements that have to be met to use the program, with the key one being the need to own a compatible device that can stream the content.

Extra features

The PlayStation Vue service packs a selection of handy features, including cloud DVR and the possibility to pause live broadcasts for up to 30 minutes.

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