Pluto TV is a Free Video Streaming App with Premium Movies and TV Shows

The entertainment industry has changed drastically during this past couple of years. This is thanks to streaming platforms that make it possible for users to skip the commercials that are shown on traditional cable television and get direct access to their favorite content. One of these platforms is called Pluto TV. Pluto TV launched back in 2013 and it is renowned for being highly versatile. Pluto TV is available on Chromecast, Apple TV, PlayStation and Roku. However, the reason why Pluto TV has a massive user base is because it offers almost 100 streaming channels free of charge.

How Does Pluto TV Work?

Pluto TV is an internet-based television service that is also known as video streaming platform. The app gives users access to almost 100 channels that are available for free and they all feature different content. The great thing about Pluto TV is that it doesn’t charge a subscription fee as the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime are doing.

Another cool feature that Pluto TV offers is a simple UI (user interface). The simplistic design of the UI makes it easy even for non tech-savvy people to access different channels and find interesting videos to watch.

What Type of Content Does Pluto TV Offer?

The questions that everyone must be asking right now is what type of content does Pluto TV offer? Are the channels any good? Pluto TV offers lots of amazing channels and the ones that stand out the most are CBS News and NBC News which provide users with access to the latest news. Not only that, but users can also find unique channels such as Anime All Day and Man Up.

You will always find something interesting to watch on Pluto TV because the app features different movie sections such as Action Movies, Drama TV, Movies 2, Horror, Fox Sports, World Poker Tour and Glory Kickboxing for example.

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