Pokemon Go 0.157.1 Launched With Performance Enhancements

Pokemon Go is still the most popular AR game in the world. Minecraft Earth might threaten Pokemon Go’s supremacy, but, at the moment, Pokemon Go remains the best in its field. Now, we have a new version of the game – Pokemon Go 0.157.1. It comes with performance enhancements and some bug fixes.

Pokemon Go Is Still The Best AR Game In The World

With dozens of features, Niantic’s most popular game still attracts AR fans. Pokemon Go hosts frequent events, such as raids and Pokemon Go Community Day events.

Even though Niantic released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokemon Go remains the most popular AR game in the market. It would also be hard for any other AR game to dethrone Niantic’s Pokemon title.

Now, Niantic released a new version of Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Go 0.157.1 release. This one only brings some performance enhancements and bug fixes. However, you should update to the new version if you’re a Pokemon Go player.

What’s New In Pokemon Go 0.157.1?

According to the Pokemon Go team, the release note reads – “Trainers! Did you know that Pokémon originally discovered in the Unova region will appear in Pokemon Go soon? Time to head outside—there’s no telling what you might discover! Let’s GO!”

Pokemon Go is still free to play, with in-app purchases to get some edge over the other trainers. Pokemon Go 0.157.1 doesn’t change that. It comes with some under the hood changes to improve the player experience with the game.

If you want to update to the new Pokemon Go 0.157.1 update, head to the Google Play Store and download the latest version of the game. Also, you can get Pokemon Go 0.157.1 as an APK, but we don’t recommend this option – you should stick to the original sources of the title for Android and iOS, as well.

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