Pokemon GO 0.163.0 Brings Exciting New Features

The latest update of Pokemon GO, version 0.163.0, delivers exciting new features that are sure to keep you occupied for some time. The update is slowly making its way on Android devices so go check the Google Play Store to see if you can update your game to the latest version.

According to the Data Mine report, Pokemon GO 0.163.0 brings several new features. Here is a summary:

  • Buddy System Update
  • New Loading Screen
  • Multiple AR
  • Genders in Trade Screen
  • New Forms
  • Pokemon Search Update
  • Battle Grunt Parties

Let’s discuss these new additions more thoroughly!

New AR Buddy System

According to some sources, a bunch of information about the new Buddy System was discovered in the new code of the app. It seems that Pokemon GO will now include Buddy Cameos, and Buddy Pokemon will appear in different scenarios. According to the code, Buddy can cameo in Wild, Raids and Invasion.

Your Buddy’s level can get as high as level 6, and rewards items range according to the levels. Even more, Buddy will have certain sets of emotions, becoming happy or sad. Some activities will raise the affection level of the buddy. However, the affection level can decrease if you are not careful. The Buddy Pokemon can even grow to hate you! There are a bunch of activities you can engage in with your Buddy to raise the affection level.

As the relationship with your Buddy evolves, you can become best friends, rewarding you with the BestBuddyBadge.

New Loading Screen

The latest version of Pokemon GO comes with a new winter0themed loading screen. Even more, Dwelling and Sawsbuck make an appearance on the new loading screen.

Multiple AR

Now you can play multiplayer in AR mode, with the ability to see other trainers’ Pokemon through your AR. In addition, you can set up group photos!

To set up the Multiplayer AR, scan the QR codes of your friends and join the lobby.

Genders in the Trading screen

Now you can see the gender of the Pokemon you want to trade.

Improved Pokemon Search 

This package comes with three new search terms, meaning that players can now search by the amount of candy you have or how far it’s been walked and if it’s the best buddy.

Here are the new search terms:

  • candyCount
  • buddyKmWalked
  • IsBestBuddy


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