Pokemon Go 0.165.0 Update Brings New Content, Lots of Changes, and Bug Fixes

Pokemon Go has been out for a while, but the title continues to be played by millions of people from all over the world.

The exciting title allows players to become Pokemon Trainers and grow their own collection as they travel across their city or village and explore new locations. Some Pokemon types tend to be more abundant in specific areas. For example, the chances to find a water-type Pokemon will be higher if the players visit an area where a river or a lake is present.

One of the keys that contributed to the popularity of the title is a constant stream of patches that added new content and improved the gameplay experience for players.

What’s new in Pokemon Go 0.165.0?

The latest patch, Pokemon Go 0.165.0, comes with a rich selection of new changes and bug fixes that are quite important. Read below for a list of selected highlights.


  • Pokemon that are suitable for trade evolution can be searched a little faster by using the new keyword “tradeevolve.”
  • The attack and defense stat changes are now more visible while swapping during combat.
  • When two Pokemon use Charged Attack at the same time, the one with the highest attack stat will strike first. If the stat is equal, the first one to strike will be selected randomly.
  • The EX-Raid eligible tag was removed from Gyms, where EX raid is already taking place.

Bug Fixes

  • Samsung Galaxy 10 devices that run Android 10 will no longer crash when AR+ is activated.
  • Notifications for buddies who collect candy will take you to the new Buddy Profile page when opened in-game.
  • In some cases, the buddy walk distance was displayed as a negative value. The issue has been corrected.
  • In some cases, the Rocket Radar view would cover the normal Map View. The bug was removed.
  • A large number of other bugs have been addressed.

The Pokemon Go 0.165.0 update is out now for Android devices.

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