Pokemon GO: Buddy Adventure Update Launched

Pokemon GO: Buddy Adventure was released by Niantic before the end of the year, as promised, on December 18th. Pokemon GO: Buddy Adventure works in correlation with Pokemon GO, which means that your Pokemon Buddy will join you on the adventure in capturing other Pokemons.

The new update implies meeting other buddies and their Pokemon Buddy in a shared AR experience. More good news: you’ll be able to change your Pokemon Buddy without losing the earned Candy. Bonding with your Pokemon will increase your Buddy level by giving him treats, battling, or merely exploring with your Buddy.

Advantages of increasing your Buddy level

  • The Buddy Levels are Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and Best Buddy. By leveling up, you’ll get rewards!
  • Good Buddy level will allow your Buddy on your map view! And also show how your Buddy feels on the profile page.
  • High Buddy level will allow your Buddy to help you catching Pokémons! And he can also bring you useful items.
  • Ultra Buddy level allows your Buddy to inspect the world around you together! Your Buddy will also bring you Souvenirs.
  • Best Buddy level will give your Buddy a Best Buddy Ribbon to show off! Best Buddies Pokemons can get a CP boost in combat.

Befriending your Buddy

By earning your Buddy’s affection, you will accumulate hearts. You can make hearts by battling, playing, feeding, exploring the map with your Buddy, or merely taking snapshots of him. The more attention you pay your Buddy, the better mood he’ll have!

Reaching mood excited will reward you by:

  • The ability of your Buddy to find Candy quicker as the distance will be cut in half.
  • While being excited, the hearts your Buddy will earn will double up.
  • Not long to wait, and you’ll be able to try it yourself.

Pokemon GO: Buddy Adventure was the last update for this year. But, we are sure that 2020 would be another excellent year for Pokemon GO.

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