Pokemon Go News: Players Can Now Modify Pokestop and Gym Names

Niantic introduced a new option recently in Pokemon Go. Players can now modify the existing Pokestops and Gyms. Things such as descriptions, titles, images can now be customized utilizing the new upgrade.

Players Can Now Modify Pokestop and Gym Names in Pokemon Go

It seems that the Pokestops and Gyms will be from now on a lot more interesting. The new setting is already available, and players can access the closest Pokestop or Gym to try it. Also, any player who reached more than level 40 can do the customizations by entering a Pokestop/Gym. Even if that doesn’t change the gameplay at all, it does indeed add some depth to the game experience.

Moreover, players can modify the names and descriptions of Gym/Pokestop in the official languages accessible in the game’s settings. And even if any player can edit the titles, there are still some guidelines that require to be respected. The action of modifying titles is not instantly, and every submission will need approval.

The Holiday Even is Also Available in Pokemon Go

The holiday event is also available currently in the Pokemon Go. As every year, such a thing means that winter-themed Pokemon, Sneasel, or Delibird, for example, has been boosted. Developers have also introduced more Gen 5 Pokemon and some Field Research missions. The rest of the upgrades include:

  • Pokemon in the wild: Some Ice-type Pokemon will be seen in the wild, such as Snorunt, Sneasel, or Delibird.
  • Pokemon and holiday costumes: Pikachu, Pichu, and Raichu will wear beanies, and Stantler, bells.
  • Pokemon appearing in Raid Battles: Raichu and Stantler will be possible to challenge in two-star attacks.
  • Save Shadow Pokemon: Players could encounter a new Shadow Pokemon in some high and low areas.
  • The event, which was released back on 24 December, will be available until 1 January 2020, so enjoy it until it’s not too late!

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