Pokemon Go October 2019 Community Day To Bring Trapinch And Its Shiny Form, Too

Pokemon fans all over the world have all the reasons to be excited by the Pokemon Go October 2019 Community Day which will be celebrated on Oct. 12. Of course, everybody likes Pikachu especially when the adorable rodent gets mad, but now it’s time for a more recent created pocket monster to have his glorious moment: Trapinch, who is a ground type Pokemon.

Pokemon Go October 2019 Community Day To Feature Trapinch Pokemon

While Trapinch isn’t looking too dangerous for a battle and seems to be the same type of adversary Pidgeot or Charizard could eat for lunch, it may evolve into its final form to gain much more power, a Flygon. Introduced in the third generation and being a dual-type ground/dragon Pokemon, he is pretty impressive when it comes to fighting opponents.

Flygon put up a decent battle against Groudon in the anime, and it’s got some exciting attack moves: Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance, Bulldoze, Sand Tomb, Supersonic, Earthpower, Dragon Tail, Earthquake, and others.

Which one of these moves will fans have the privilege to see at Flygon during Pokemon Go October 2019 Community Day? Who knows, it seems most of them are hoping for the tremendous Earthpower attack. The star of the show, Trapinch, will be available Shiny at a higher rate during all the community days, and after the event is over the cute little Pokemon will be available Shiny at much lower rates.

Pokemon Go Remains One Of The Most Popular Mobile Game

After the event is over, it’s interesting to see how the famous media franchise will keep evolving in the future, since Pokemon Go is currently facing a great success worldwide and doesn’t show any signs that it wants to stop.

Released only about three years ago, being developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices, the augmented reality mobile game is one of the most played games on mobile devices. Nintendo’s market value increased by 9 billion dollars within only five days of the release of Pokemon Go back in 2016, so the future can be only bright for the beloved game.

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