Pokémon Go Received A New Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon fans are very well informed about the Pokémon’s Go Supereffective Week. Unfortunately, the event is over, and from yesterday we have the first Friend Fest kicks. But the company, Niantic, is offering fans a lot more than that. A new Legendary is added to the game – Terrakion. The Pokémon will be available until 17 December, so don’t miss your chance to battle with it.

The Legendary Pokémon, Terrakion is a Pokémon from the Swords of Justice, the same as Cobalion. Terrakion was part of the Gen five games, called Pokémon Black and White. Being a powerful Pokémon, you can beat it alone, so you have to make some alliances with other persons to win the battle.

What you need to know more about Terrakion is that the Pokmon comes with two types. The types are Fighting and Rock, so you must now its weak spots. Terrakion will be more vulnerable to Water, Ground, Grass, Steel, Fairy, Psychic.

Pokémon Go Received A New Legendary Pokémon

If you remember this, then you will need Pokémon with these types that can make Terrakion weaker. For example, you can use Gardevoir, Machamp, and Rhyperior to win the battle.

Moreover, take note of the Friend Fest event until 2 December. Also, keep an eye on the family type Pokémon, such as Nidoran. These types of Pokémon will show often, so don’t forget. Also, you can make two unique trades per day if you know that all your Pokémon will need half the Stardust for trades.

To sum up, keep in mind that after the Friend Fest ends on 2 December, the company is holding the Pokémon Go December Community Day. At the same time, the event will not last only one day. Niantic is organizing the event as it did last year, meaning two days for the event. In 2018 the December Community Day was on 14 and 14 December.

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