Pokemon Go To Feature The first Gen 5 Pokemon Characters

Are you a fan of the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go? If you are, this will come as excellent news to you, because the first Gen 5 Pokemon monsters, the final set of Ultra Bonuses, entered Pokemon Go.

The numerous monsters that you will find are initially from Pokemon Black and White. Niantic promises that in the near-by future, more monsters will make their debut in the game.

Snevy, Tepig, and Oshawott are the three first Unova appearing in the game. You will be able to find them in the wild, and also on certain eggs. Pidove, Patrat, Pidove are other monsters that you will encounter in the wild. On the other hand, Litwick, Deino, Ferroseed can hatch from 10 kilometers eggs.

Here Are The First en 5 Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Some new exclusive Pokemon will launch, and you will have the possibility to get to them depending on the region where you will live at some point. If you want to get your hands on Durant and Heatmor, you will have to go in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Also, Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour, the elemental monkeys, will appear exclusive to specific areas of the world.

Niantic is full of surprises, as it includes in the game Unova Stone, a new and revolutionary item. You can obtain this item by Research Breakthroughs and is necessary if you want to evolve specific Gen 5 Pokemon.

If you are curious to find out which are all Gen 5 Pokemon confirmed until now for Pokemon Go, we made a list of them and with the ways to obtain them.

Gen 5 PokemonWays To Obtain
SnivyWild, 5 km eggs
ServineEvolve Snivy
SerperiorEvolve Servine
TepigWild, 5 km eggs
PigniteEvolve Tepig
EmboarEvolve Pignite
OshawottWild, 5 km eggs
DewottEvolve Oshawott
SamurottEvolve Dewott
PatratWild, Raids, 2 km eggs
WatchogEvolve Patrat
LillipupWild, Raids, 2 km eggs
HerdierEvolve Lillipup
StoutlandEvolve Herdier
PurrloinWild, 2 km eggs
LiepardEvolve Purrloin
PansageAsia-Pacific exclusive
SimisageEvolve Pansage
PansearEurope, Middle East, Africa, India exclusive
SimisearEvolve Pansear
PanpourAmericas, Greenland exclusive
SimipourEvolve Panpour
PidoveWild, 2 km eggs
TranquillEvolve Pidove
UnfezantEvolve Tranquill
ZebstrikaEvolve Blitzle
Drilbur5 km eggs
ExcadrillEvolve Drilbur
FoongusWild, 5 km eggs
AmoongusEvolve Foongus
Ferroseed10 km eggs
FerrothornEvolve Ferroseed
KlinkRaids, 10 km eggs
KlangEvolve Klink
KlinklangEvolve Klang
Litwick10 km eggs
LampentEvolve Litwick
ChandelureEvolve Lampent (via Unova Stone)
Golett10 km eggs
GolurkEvolve Golett
HeatmorWestern hemisphere exclusive
DurantEastern hemisphere exclusive
Deino10 km eggs
ZweilousEvolve Deino
HydreigonEvolve Zweilous

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