Pokemon Sword and Shield Surprise: Is There a Crossover in the Works?

Pokemon Sword and Shield have its release date in November. It’s practically around the corner. And with so less time remained before the release, new details emerge about the new set of Pokemon games.

There is a new leak that says that there’s a large Pokemon crossover in the works. As per a new post on Reddit, the developer of Pokemon Sword and Shield – Game Freak, makes a team ith Niantic – the developer of Pokemon Go – to give us a special surprise. Huge fans already probably know this, but the new set of Pokemon takes place in the Galar region – in the UK.

Based on the data that’s discovered in the game files of Pokemon Go, the Galarian variations that exist will also make their appearance in Pokemon Go.this actually means that Pokemon Go fans will see Galarian Weezing, Galarian Linoone, and Galarian Zigzagoon.

We are not sure when this crossover will actually take place, but it will probably happen at a date that’s closer to the launch of Sword and Shield, on the 15th of November.

This same leak also says that Niantic will come with a new quest, that’s called “A Colossal Discovery.” A possibility is that they would tie it to Sword and Shield, to the new Dynamaxing feature.

It’s very possible that we find out the new Galar variants of the existing Pokemon in an upcoming live stream, which will happen on Twitch. Nintendo wants to broadcast live footage from a camera from Glimwood Tangle, which is supposed to be the strangest forest that’s found in the Galar region. They want to keep it running for 24 hours straight, from 2 pm BST on the 4th of October.

A post from Nintendo talks about a certain Sonia, who’s a Pokemon researcher. She talks about how she always helps her gram with research in Galar. She is asking for our help, too.

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