PS4 Update Breaks Social Integration

Some PS4 users enjoy the option to access social media with the help of the console.

The latest firmware update for the PS4, version 7.0.0., was released on 7 October. Many gamers have reported that after the update was installed they lost the ability to access Facebook, which was quite surprising.

The reason

Sony hasn’t offered any official reason for the removal of Facebook integration, but the change is mentioned on the official PlayStation website. Sony details that players will no longer be able to directly share screenshots, videos, songs, information about trophies, and links to love gameplay sessions. As players will no longer have the option to link their Facebook account to their PlayStation Network account, some Friend List features will be removed, including the option to add friends for Facebook.

PS4 owners who use pictures imported from Facebook as profile pictures will have to select a new that for their avatar. There are several methods that allow them to do this.

On the PS4 they can go to It/Account Management/Account information/Profile/Profile picture and pick their favorite image.

This option can also be accessed by selecting the Profile section form the Function area, clicking on the button positioned on the right side of Set Online Status and then selecting Edit Profile/Profile picture.

Those who have the PlayStation app installed on their smartphone also have the option to access it to replace the profile picture.

It is important to note that while Facebook integration has been removed,  players still have the option to share stuff on social media if they wish to do so. Facebook remains accessible by entering the address of the social media platform in the browser.

According to a Facebook spokesperson the chance is merely temporary as the two companies are working on a new contract, which could see the restoration of the feature when a new update will be released.

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