PS5 Design Confirmed by a New Leak

A leak that was released several weeks ago has been confirmed by a reliable source.

The leak showcased the design of PlayStation 5 development kits, and it was reproduced by fans with the help of data collected from a patent filed by Sony. A developer confirmed the design featured in the render on a popular social media platform, sparking a series of debates and discussions.

To avoid publicity the developer decided to delete his account, but the rumors were already at full throttle. Eagle-eyed users spotted the, of a different developer, which shared images of both the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 developer kits. The account offered a wealth of information about the two upcoming consoles.

A reliable source contacted the second developer and obtained more information about the upcoming consoles. It seems that they will arrive at a later date because AMD has run into a few problems while trying to implement ray tracing support in the case of the custom AMD Navi graphics solutions used by the devices.

The PS5 dev kit is known under the name of Prospero and Sony has started offer units to game developers in the summer. It seems that the name has been inspired by a that of a character featured in  ‘’The Tempest’’, one of the most popular plays written by William Shakespeare.

Some of the parts which will be used for the manufacturing console share similar codenames. The report mentions that the upcoming generation of consoles will bring a huge power boost, which should compete with high-end gaming PCs. A set of images that, but there were no watermarks that could offer more information about the source who shared them.

One of the best images offered by the source has been edited to remove essential details that could be used for identification. The looks of the device are quite impressive, and it will be interesting to see if Sony retains the design.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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