PUBG Mobile Lite Season 9 Details Leaked On The Internet

PUBG Mobile Lite is a version of PUBG MOBILE that is compatible with a wide range of devices. The optimized game version is also fit for devices with less RAM. PUBG Mobile Lite will receive a new update very soon!

With Season 9 around the corner, the 0.16.0 version is expected to receive some new special emotes than the rewards that are already released in PUBG Mobile. However, as it usually happens, a vast range of rewards have surfaced the internet, which reveals everything upcoming in the next update.

The next update looks very promising, mainly due to the new addition of the Training Ground, which will help players to see into the future. Training Ground is a place where gamers can practice and improve their aim together with their friends.

More Details on the PUBG Lite Season 9

It is also rumored that the new training ground will feature a broad range of new optional challenges. This will help players improve their game skills a lot more as well as keeping the training entertaining.

As usual, the paid version of Winner Pass will offer exclusive items. The premium version will showcase one of the most popular outfit set dubbed as Hazard. All best things come with a cost, the premium version is not for free, which means users will have to spend some money to purchase the new Season 9 Winner Pass if they have the interest in getting this outfit.

In addition to the new game mode and the new outfits, the developers are granting the players with a vast range of Assualt Rifles skins. Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that these skins have been picked from the PUBG Mobile’s Season 8 Royale Pass. M416, ScarL, and AKM are also included on the list of Assault Rifles. Are you excited for Season 9 yet? We are for sure!

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