Recover Erased Notifications On Android With These Quick Solutions

There were some reports that stock Android users can get back their erased notifications on their device with an Android notification history setting. Such a thing is not working for users with a different UI, Samsung’s TouchWiz, for example, but there is a way by using an app-based solution.

Access Android Notification History

Android 4.3 Jellybean introduced back in the day, the notifications log. That option is still available from Android Lollipop through Android Pie. What does the notification log mean? Users can view their erased notifications but only accessing a somewhat secret widget. On many devices, however, it seems that you need to activate the Developer Options and then unlock that widget and get back your erased notifications.

If you want to unlock Developer Options, access Settings, then About Phone. Next, tap on the Build number several times. You will see that after a few seconds, you’ll receive an on-screen notification. You will be informed that you are now a developer (an extra section in Settings will be added).

How To Recover Erased Notifications On Android

Start by long-tapping on a space on your Android home display, and then chose the Widgets option. Furthermore, swipe left to the widget menu until you reach the Settings shortcut widget. Long-tap once again on the widget, and your home screen will appear. Next, drag it to a home screen you want.

From the Settings shortcut menu, scroll down until you find the Notification log. Tap the Notification log, and you’ll get access to your notification history. You will also be able to recover those erased notifications, as well.

Moreover, you’ll see the active notifications displayed in white and those you closed in gray. By choosing the gray notifications, you’ll be redirected straight to the source of the notification.

App-based Solutions

You can also try the Notification History Log or the Nova Launcher app to recover erased notifications on Android.

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