Recover WhatsApp Messages After They Are Deleted

In this technological era we are living now, we think it’s impossible not to have and use a smartphone with at least one messaging application. One of the most known, used, and loved messaging applications is WhatsApp. With this app, you can chat at any time and place as long as you have an Internet connection. Of course, all of us have been in a situation where we deleted messages accidentally or switch our phones. What can we do to recover them?

Necessary and Simple Steps to Recover Your Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Take note that if you want to be sure you can recover your deleted message at any time, don’t forget to turn on your backup option on the application. If this step is not made, then you can’t do anything to recover your messages. We have two methods for you with the basic steps.

First of all, you can try to recover the messages through the cloud backup from your smartphone. Second of all, to initiate the recovery procedure, you must uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. After that, you reinstall the app and proceed through the installation steps. When everything is ready, a pop-up window will ask you if you want to recover your messages from the cloud backup. Tap Restore, and you will have everything back.

Moreover, another method for recovering your messages is through the local backup. Unfortunately, this method is working only on Android smartphones. Find your File Manager app or install it if this is the case. Follow the steps: File Manager-WhatsApp Folder-Database – choose what file you want to restore – Rename to crypt12. In the same folder, you have some files in a format named msgstore with the date and the crypt12 at the end. Use the last one and rename it mgstore.db.crypt12.  From there, go to Google Drive and tap on Backup – Remove WhatsApp backup. After that, uninstall and reinstall your app, set your app, and use the pop-up window to choose Restore.

To sum up, don’t forget to always have the backup turn on for your chats; if not, the restore methods for your WhatsApp messages won’t work.

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