Rune II Is Now Available For PC Gamers

Attention Rune fans! Rune II, the sequel to the action-adventure game, has now been officially released on PC. The first Rune game as released almost 20 years ago, so the sequel is sure to bring back some memories for long-time fans and trigger some nostalgic feelings.

Rune II offers players the opportunity to explore a Norse adventure in a world where gods are no longer in control, and the forces of evil took over and infested the land in the form of the undead.
The trailer for Rune II can be watched below:

Even more, players can choose to play singleplayer or team up with their friends to battle the undead Draugr, beasts, and giants, in brutal melee-style combat. The game also allows for exploring, crafting and fighting in the post-apocalyptic world that is now populated by legions of Loki’s minions. If we already caught your attention, you will also certainly enjoy collecting precious ancient artifacts and forging powerful weapons to take down your enemies. 

Explore vast lands, build Viking boats, and sail across dangerous bodies of water. Don’t forget to complete quests in order to please your chosen god in exchange for power. Fight Loki to end Ragnarok and secure your place in Valhalla.

Now that we know what the game is all about, it is time we take a look at some of its features.

  • Choose Your Preferred God – Kneel before the Divine Summit, where gods called you to promise power, glory, and honor if you join them. Depending on the god you choose, you will receive a specific power that will help you take down Loki.
  • Loki and the Ages of Darkness – According to the legends, Loki will perish when Ragnarok ends. However, he found a way to manipulate the flow of time, causing an infinite cycle of chaos.
  • Single-Player and Multi-Player Modes – Experience the end of the world by yourself or choose to face it along with fellow warriors that you will fight side-by-side with against the terrors of Ragnarok. 
  • Artifacts – The world is filled with artifacts that have their own god-given powers. They are necessary to open the Real Gate where Loki hides. 

You can get Rune II at the Epic Games Store for $29.99

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