Samsung Creates Quick Share as an iOS AirDrop Alternative for Galaxy Smartphones

As years have passed, phone makers might have realized that it is not always about whose flagship has the best specs and hardware. Sometimes, it is also about software and handy features. This is why Samsung has decided to create Quick Share, the alternative to Apple’s AirDrop.

In a report from XDA Developers’ Max Weinbach, we learn more about this feature and what it will do for Samsung users.

Quick Share: Easily Send Files Between Samsung Galaxy Phones

The Quick Share feature is a tool used to send files between Galaxy phones quickly. XDA was able to run the Quick Share APK and run it on some Galaxy phones, but it seems it was not working on their test devices. However, they did spot some of its options.

You can share files with nearby supported devices, and you have two options:

  • “Contacts-only” – share files with the Samsung Social users that are in your contact list, provided they are in your area, and their device supports the app.
  • “Everyone” – share files with any Samsung device in your area that supports the app.

When you get close to a user that has a supported device, you can send or receive photos, videos, or files.

What sets Quick Share apart from other services is that it has a cloud feature in which it will let you temporarily upload files to Samsung Cloud. Then, you can stream those files to Samsung Smart Things devices and download them locally, as long as the files don’t go over 1GB in size (2GBs limit/day).

According to Weinbach’s report, the service will launch with the Galaxy S20+, and it will only be available on devices that launch with One UI 2.1 and later. This means we’ll hear more about it next month at Samsung Unpacked.

We have already seen Google working on Nearby Sharing, which should be supported on any Android phone and ChromeOS. Hopefully, Quick Share will enable more phone makers to create first-party implementations and improve the Android ecosystem.

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